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Tennis is a sport that you are never too old to play. As long as you are capable of moving your body without causing stress to your joints then tennis might just be the sport for you! Regardless of your fitness level, you can still get out there and enjoy the game.

Your tennis trainer in Oakville will provide top notch coaching in an outdoor environment. We bring a fun approach to our tennis lessons and clinics while providing the essential skills and tools needed to be fluent players on the tennis court. If your goal is to improve your game for recreational purposes or advanced competitive play, we can help.

The main focus when starting out as a beginner is foot work. The positioning of the feet is essential in tennis as it is with most sports. It provides the player with balance, while bouncing on the toes waiting for the return shot, coordination, to move in the direction of the ball while anticipating the movements of your opponent, and agility, allowing you to move laterally and diagonally as swiftly and fluently as possible. These are the things your tennis trainer in Oakville will work on with you first.

The second thing your tennis trainer in Oakville will focus on is hand-eye coordination. This skill is vital! If you can’t see the ball then you can’t hit it. Timing the ball in the air as it leaves your opponents racquet and knowing when to make contact as it bounces off the ground is a skill the requires lots of practice. To master this, we suggest finding a partner that is one or two levels higher than you so he or she is able to give you the correct depth that you need to get into position and perfect the return. A beginner or lower level intermediate player may have some difficulty in providing the precision of ground strokes that you will need. Another way to work on this skill is to hit against a wall or have someone throw a few balls at your forehand or backhand, watching the ball as it’s leaving his or her hand.

Third point your tennis trainer in Oakville will focus on is hand positioning on the racquet. If you are not taught the correct positions on the racquet, this could spell disaster for not only the outcome of your game, but also your susceptibility to injury. Here are a few important things to remember about your tennis racquet: the bottom of the tennis racquet has an octagon shape (8 sides). Each of the eight sides are what we call “bevels” in the tennis world. Most people, including top ranked amateurs and some pros, only use four of the bevels. The elite players can use five or even six of the bevel edges, depending on their style of play. The name of these five positions are: Bevel Edge 1: Full Eastern Grip (backhand), Bevel Edge 2: Continental Grip (serving and volleys to the net), Bevel Edge 3: Eastern Grip (forehand ground stroke), Bevel Edge 4: Semi-Western Grip (top spin), and Bevel Edge 5: Full Western Grip (not commonly used) but provides extra kick on the ball.

Your tennis trainer in Oakville is like no other tennis club, literally! Here’s an example of how most “big” clubs operate: After your tennis lesson is over that’s it, that’s all for that day! A buzzer sounds right at the last minute of your hour and you are rushed off the court by someone else waiting impatiently. Your tennis coach is long gone and onto the next lesson, and you are left in limbo with so many questions you wanted to ask. This is a typical “big” club service you can expect to get after paying hundreds of dollars a month at a swanky facility!

What separates us from the rest of the tennis world is we are NOT a big tennis club where you are just a number. Your tennis trainer in Oakville takes their time with you, cares, and welcomes discussions after your lesson. Depending on scheduling, many times we even go over our students’ allotted time if we need work on a few more techniques. Furthermore, we are also very engaging and encourage feedback from all of our students.

We are here for your success, to go over and above what is expected, and strive to get the best out of all of our students and their time with us!

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